But what should you had a backup medium that was nigh indestructible, nearly proof against inclement circumstances, and made of stone? You’d have the Millenniata M-Disc, which is basically a four.7GB DVD with an information layer made out of stone-like metals and metalloids. The concept is that typical, house-made optical discs have a really deli… Read More

It is less affected by heat, gentle, and humidity than regular DVD writable media. M-DISC™ media can be read by most standard DVD optical drives. Writing to M-DISC™ media requires an M-DISC READY™ optical drive. You can determine in case your drive is M-DISC READY™ as it is going to be labelled with both M-DISC or M@DISC. I happened to do a… Read More

In consequence, any copies of a disc made with a daily recorder will lack the ROM Mark data and might be unreadable on standard gamers. Transform the audio and video output. Parts of the content won't be viewable with out letting the BD+ program unscramble it. Instructions ("hacks") describing how to reset the Blu-ray region counter of computer par… Read More

Why? Because the data layer is a non-unstable substance, versus the light-sensitive organic dye used in CD/DVD-Rx and less expensive BD-R LTH (Low To High, darkish to bright).Only optical media is durable sufficient to guard your most precious digital information and recollections for the long run and Verbatim MDISC is the most sturdy of all. Verba… Read More

I wouldn't purchase an ASUS drive simply because they are rebadged and this is usually a pain in relation to firmware updates for higher media assist. The drives could be good but I simply wouldn't buy one for myself.As for M-DISC, the only solution is to have your self cryogenically frozen. 1,000 years from now, assuming the planet hasn't been nuk… Read More